December 23, 2011

Through The Years

Lyric Love: "A thrill of hope, the weary soul rejoices, For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn..." - O Holy Night (Raise your hand if this is your favorite Christmas carol...)

Part of my mom's Christmas decorations involve pictures of Linnea and I at Christmas throughout the years. These pictures are taken out with the Christmas decorations and then put away with them, so it is only during the yuletide season that we have the pleasure of seeing pictures of ourselves in various stages of increasing awkwardness dressed in something Christmassy. So, for your viewing pleasure, here are the Black sisters doing Christmas: the early years. (Because, weirdly, the pictures stop after about 2001. Who knows why.)




 [1994, aka the year Caroline got glasses]


[1997, skipping a year + a move to England]

...And that is as far as I'm going to show you. I am too ashamed of the rest. Also, on a sad note, this will be our first Christmas without Linnea, who is celebrating Stateside with her husband's fam. (Which might explain why I woke up to a Linnea-shrine of sorts this morning, with her newly-framed wedding picture sitting on the kitchen table with a lit candle by it. Or maybe that was just accidental. Point being, we miss you!)

 Can you believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve??

P.S. 14738294 bonus points to anyone who notices that this is a post repeat from last year...I am so sneaky.


  1. i knew it! i win all the bonus points!

  2. you win all the bonus points AND number 1 reader award.


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