December 7, 2011


Classes finished yesterday and today is a reading day -- aka the first day of full-on studying. And this is how I got started studying:
  1. Lay on the couch and talk to my housemates. Take a test to determine my love languages. Try and decide whether or not to study at home or go somewhere else.
  2. One by one, my housemates leave to their various studying. I am alone. Try and figure out where to go study.
  3. Make a sandwich. (This may have included catching a paper towel on fire in the toaster oven. Don't worry about it.) Decide to go study at the Center for Christian Study (aka the Stud).
  4. Change, get my stuff together, find an umbrella, head out. Time: 12:55
  5. Get to the Stud. Food was just delivered, so everyone is milling around, eating pizza. Talk to some friends.
  6. Try and find a place to sit. Realize there is no room at the inn Stud because of so many eager studiers (...students?). Finally find a seat in a different room.
  7. Get out my computer. Try and get online. It doesn't work. Keep trying. Realize that it's not going to work.
  8. Friends Emily and David show up and say they are going to a different library because of the whole internet situation.
  9. Walk across grounds with Emily and David to the Health Sciences Library.
  10. See more people I know. Talk to them.
  11. Sit down, get computer out, FINALLY get started working. Time: 2:00.
The thing is, that it took me over an hour from leaving my house to actually getting started working, is just so sadly typical.

Bring on another season of exam studying.

[image via We Heart It]

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