December 3, 2011


I've been phoneless for about four days now. My phone was a fighter, especially given the whole lawnmower situation, but it finally gave up the ghost this week. It's a weird thing, y'all. On the one hand, I really don't like how dependent we all are on our phones, how it feels wrong when you forgot it and then you end up late because your phone is also your clock. I don't like smart phones, either, or the idea of being constantly connected. So it was kind of freeing to go a few days without any ability to text or call, and just throw to the wind the fact that maybe people were trying to get a hold of me and thought I was ignoring them. (But then again, maybe no one was trying to get a hold of me. Who knows.)

But on the other hand, when I wanted to meet up with people after my Thursday night class at Lighting of the Lawn and I had no idea how I was going to find my friends among the 50 bajillion people there, or yesterday when I was in the middle of a huge mental crisis about which of two dress options to buy for our semi-formal tonight and all I wanted to do was call my sister and get a second opinion...a phone just would have been useful.

Point being, today I'm getting a new phone (which is really an old phone of someone else's...kind of like how my 'new car' was my grandma's old car? my life is a series of hand-me-downs.) And then I will be back in the world of constant communication. With mixed emotions about it.

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