May 2, 2011

Sunday Night

Just Watched: President Obama's speech. (This college town has been celebrating with bottle rockets, people driving up and down the streets honking and hollering, and drink specials and  packed out bars and people donning American flags. We just took a midnight jaunt down the street to take it all in.)

I spent many hours in a library today. And the sad thing was that I really wasn't that productive on what I was supposed to be working on, though I cannot even tell you what I was doing for half that time I was sitting there. Ahh, finals. (Although finals haven't even technically begun -- I just have two final projects due on the last day of classes. Awesome.)

However, I did make one excellent decision: my Mumford & Sons pandora station. So many good songs were happening on that thing... And so I compiled all the songs I thumbs-upped for your listening pleasure here. Hopefully they will bring you more productivity than they brought me?

Edit: This listening experience was made possible (for me last night) by Hope's headphones. Gracias! Also, this player is currently displaying one of my BIGGEST pet peeves: uncapitalized artist names or song names. It's kind of bothering me. But what can you do? Gotta work with what you've got...


  1. Thank you for the songs! They're great and actually help me. :) Which is HUGE because I've been trying to concentrate and study for THE longest time.

  2. CAROLINE! OH MY GOODNESS! I've been looking for the song: 'send me on my way' for like.. EVER! It's in my favorite child-movie: Mathilda (which was also one of my favorite books from Roald Dahl)!!! I can't believe I finally got it, thanks to youuu. You need to do song playlists more often :)

  3. hahaha ale, I LOVE YOU. and it was kind of fun to make a i think i WILL do it more often :]

  4. ...made possible by my headphones :)

  5. haha YES hope. i appreciate it. I"m going to edit that into the blog post right now...


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