May 17, 2011

Life at The B: Summer Edition

Currently Listening To: Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People (Thanks, Margaret, for the recommendation!) 

These are my housemates (one of only like two pictures taken of the six of us ever):

But for the next few weeks, we'll be operating at half-capacity here at the B, because only me, Madeline and Abby will be around. Mads and Abby are both taking summer classes (which started the Monday after finals finished -- how awful for them, right?) and I'm here in Charlottesville this summer working and whatnot. It’s funny having just the three of us here, and we kind of only just realized that it means we’re going to be spending a LOT of time together…

But that, of course, still doesn’t stop us from a 3-way gchat:

…even though our rooms are all about 5 feet apart and when I’m sitting on my bed, I can SEE Madeline sitting on her bed.

Meanwhile, Abby is dogsitting for the week, so we have Otis (who I keep accidentally calling Milo) bouncing around the house/taking over my bed this week too:

Last night, the three of us and Milo Otis, were watching Gilmore Girls and it felt like we were a little family.

It’s going to be a good summer.

P.S. While I’m documenting life at the B, this is what my room looked like when I got home from Lexington on Sunday:

Talk about a line down the middle of the room. Poor Liz who had to move all of her stuff out around my mess over the weekend...


  1. things i enjoyed about this post:
    the creeper shots of Mads in her bed.
    yall's three-way g-chat.
    the fact that there is a dog at the B.
    Gilmore Girls.

  2. basically :) it made me kind of jealous.


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