May 11, 2011

So. Close.

I’m in home stretch of finals right now. That last little bit where you just have to keep trucking on with what you’re studying, even though you’re just tired. Where you spent 6 ½ hours in a library going through Shakespeare tragedies, and you don’t even like Shakespeare. Where you keep picturing tomorrow at 5pm when it will all be over. Where you get a little jealous of all the people you know who are already done.

Maybe you can relate?

In other news, can’t believe I’m less than 18 hours away from being done with third year. Reminisces to follow, I’m sure, in the next few days when I can have a moment to collect my thoughts (about the entire year, ha).

P.S. Here’s a sample of my study playlist (I've been alternating between these and my Mumford & Sons Pandora station for the last 2 weeks):

[image via We Heart It]

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