May 13, 2011

Done With Finals/Work/BEACH Insanity!!!!!

Alright friends. Blogger's been down for a while, so I wasn't able to post yesterday about my excitement at being done with finals. 

Here's a taste though: there was celebration (almost more than poor little PhotoBooth could handle), followed by a celebratory slurpee run...

And now I have to leave for work in 7 minutes, but that leaves me with just enough time to tell you the game plan for the weekend:
  • I go to work, now until 9pm.
  • At 9, Abby and Madeline will pick me up from work, and we will start driving to THE OUTER BANKS!!! (ETA: about 1 am?)
  • BEAACCHHHH! ...for about 40 hours.
  • We drive home on Sunday night
  • Abby and Madeline begin summer classes on Monday, I go back to work.
It will be insane. It will be the longest day of my life. But really, this is the kind of thing you can only get away with in college right?

Be back Monday!

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