March 1, 2011

These Are Things I Enjoyed Today

- Having my 4-6:45 class cancelled and spending that time instead at Barnes & Nobles drinking Starbucks and reading TeenVogue (...for class, I promise)

- This email I just got:

                              ...etc. But the point is, we're gonna swing dance. and It's gonna be great.

...which reminds me of this thoroughly enjoyable email my housemates and I received earlier this week:

(moral of the story: I will love you forever if you send me a highly amusing email.)

- Going to a basketball game instead of working on my paper

- Getting an Anthropologie catalogue. I just want to live in an Anthropologie catalogue. They are just so calm and exotic and beautiful. (Except for that one random weird one back in like you know what I'm talking about? This picture from it is still hanging up in our house because it was just too strange. Well, and because it's a llama and that's kind of awesome.)

- The chalkboard sign for the Corner Cup that I walk by on my way to class everyday, which today said: "I had no idea what to write. So Just come in and say hello or give me an idea for the board." (I took a picture of it on my phone, but my phone is not very snazzy so I can't put it up here, unfortunately. But you can just imagine it.)

- Being able to introduce someone to the wonders of Cody Simpson

- Playing with photobooth:

- This texting conversation with my friend Taylor (who happens to be in my phone as T Streezy) about dinner plans:
  • Me: We're going at 6 if you want to join!
  • T Streezy: Oh my goodness i'm going with other people! Maybe we'll see each other and it can be awkward!!
  • Me: Promise to make it as awkward as possible?
  • T Streezy: Be careful what you wish for
- Winding down with some Mumford & Sons. And still not working on my paper.

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