March 11, 2011

Friday Five

Five Randoms

1. I sincerely love this umbrella. And by sincerely love, I mean I want it.

[via: Pinterest]

(I already have one of those see-through umbrellas. I asked for one for Christmas the year before last, and I think my mom must have thought I was joking because I didn't get it. So I bought myself one when I saw them half-off at Target last summer. But this? It's like 87 gazillion times better than that!)

2. Still obsessed with Avett Brothers "Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise." I mean, these lyrics:

When nothing is owed, deserved or expected
And your life doesn't change by the man that's elected
If you're loved by someone you're never rejeted
Decide what to be and go be it

Also on my playlist: "Count on Me" by Bruno Mars, "You and Me" by Elizabeth and the Catapults, "Helplessness Blues" by Fleet Foxes, "Poison & Wine"by the Civil Wars (yes, still), "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, "Skinny Genes" by Eliza Doolittle...

3. Barcelona:

4. I just had a s'more made of the biggest marshmallow in the world (after the biggest dinner in the world at my second cousin's house!). This inspired me to look up all the nifty things I know all those creative, bloggy people must do with s'mores. 
Here's some awesome things I found:
So glad I explored all of that. WHO KNEW.

5. I love all things chalkboard, especially when it's a little bit unexpected:

[all images found on Pinterest]

(I'm a little disappointed because I just learned we aren't allowed to paint our house next year, so all my dreams of painting a chalkboard on the wall are now dashed.)

WHEW. I don't think I'll have anything to tell y'all for the next week, because this basically used up all I got. I guess I'll just have to work on having some adventures... :]

Have a fabulous weekend!

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