March 22, 2011

Summa Plans

Currently Listening To: Go the Distance from Hercules. And yes, my housemates and I are singing along.

This is for all the people overwhelmed by all those other people with their snazzy summer plans (internships at bajillion dollar companies? studying abroad in Spain? Plans you've had in place since January? Ahhh!) Point being, don't worry about it. I mean, go ahead and work on your application and stuff, don't you agree that this just sounds like perfection? (Sidenote: I am so excited to be moving into a house with a PORCH SWING this summer!)

But then again, it's only March. So it's totes okay to not actually be thinking about that yet. Actually, what I should be thinking about right now is Macbeth. Ugh.

[image via Pinterest]


  1. i mean...that postcard is going out to me, yes?

    porch swannng.


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