March 29, 2011


Tonight at small group, Hope and I decided to take a break from the Daniel study we've been working through and try out Soularium instead. Soularium is an evangelism tool used by Campus Crusade for Christ (which is the fellowship I do here at UVA, except we call it Agape) made up of a set of 50 pictures and a series of questions: 
  1. Which 3 images would you choose to describe your life right now?
  2. Which 3 images represent what you wish were a part of your life right now?
  3. Which image would you choose to describe God? (If they say "I'm an atheist" ask: Which image describes that?)
  4. Think About your life so far. Which image best describes what you've experienced spiritually?
  5. When you think about your own spiritual life or journey, which image best represents what you wish were true?  
The idea is that you go through the questions and choose corresponding pictures, and as you explain why you chose each one, you can figure out where people are at and create opportunities for spiritual discussions. Here's a sweet example of it being used!

We didn't do it as evangelism tonight but did it with each other, which was also kind of incredible -- just getting to see people's perspectives on life and God and stuff in a new way, even after leading them for almost two years now! (Woah.) Of course, it didn't hurt that we were all spread out on a blanket on the living room floor in front of a fire and with pecan shortbread and a plethora of tea options in front of us...

But really, it's a pretty cool thing all around. And I think you should check it out.

[image source. Yes, this is a blog about a trip to my home city Addis Ababa last summer. Yes, my roommate Liz was also on this trip, and this picture just happened to show up when I googled Soularium. Yes, it is an incredibly small world.]

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