March 12, 2011

Spring Forward

I Just Ate: Grilled tuna steaks and poundcake for dessert (Leaving MK's cooking for my meager college existence tomorrow is a seriously sad prospect...)
I Just Bought: These. Thoughts?

Daylight Savings, like the Superbowl, is one of those concepts that I did not fully understand until coming to college (a.k.a. until living in America at an age where I was actually a responsible human being, a.k.a. not nine). I remember back in late October of first year, seeing signs around grounds reminding us to change our clocks and going “Oh right! I have to remember to do that!” So I made sure the night before to set my clock back, was proud of myself, and went to sleep. It was not until about 5pm the following unfortunate day when it started getting dark strangely early, that I actually understood the daytime consequences of gaining an hour of sleep. And, quite frankly, it made me a little upset. (And it still does – that day when Daylight Savings ends is not a happy one. Moral of the story: Please don’t ever take my sunshine away.)

But moving my clock forward, getting that hour of sunshine in the evening, makes me oh-so-joyful. Sure, losing the hour of sleep isn’t fun, but at least it happens over spring break. And longer days and the assurance of spring completely make up for it. But mostly don’t you just love how it makes everyone just a little more cheerful that day?

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