March 31, 2011

I Heart London

Remember when Paris stole our hearts? (And then Beijing and Barcelona?)
Well here's London:

I love this reverse look of seeing it in our own language. And really, I just love London. We lived in Cambridge from 1996-1999, so we got to know England pretty well (and yes, I returned to the States with a British accent. Which I promptly lost upon going into 4th grade at an American elementary school -- insecure 9-year-old that I was, I thought the other kids would tease me. Such a poor decision for my current life, though, because I'm pretty sure I'd be about 27 times cooler if I had a British accent now...)

Anyway. Last time I was in jolly ol' England was for a speedy jaunt through London-town with my sister during a particularly heinous layover on our way to Kenya for Christmas during my first year at college (in 2008). We were only out and about for maybe six hours, but we managed to hit our fave places. Namely, Camden Town (in matching black Northfaces, at that):

The time before that was when I tagged along with my best friends family as we stopped through on our way to the States the summer after graduation. Let me tell you, about the only thing that can make the prospect of leaving your home for a foreign/technically home continent and the unknowns of college a little better is London with your bff and second family. Here we are on London Bridge:

Oh, London. You really are the best.

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