April 27, 2011

I Love Scarves and I Love Ice Cream

Currently Eating: an M&M frosty. We might have gone through the Wendy's drive-through on the way home from finishing our final presentations in my class tonight...

Confession: I usually delete emails from stores, but I always look at Anthropologie's. Always. Because they are always so beautiful. (The emails themselves, I mean, let alone the fact that they feature beautiful items that I cannot afford. It is an emotional experience every time I interact with this store, let me tell you.)

This one on Monday blew my mind:

SCARVES disguised as ICE CREAM CONES?!? Oh Anthropologie marketing team, why are you so creative? Why can't I just be you, but minus all the actual business-y parts of marketing??

Actually, there was a sign in the window of our Anthro a few weeks ago that said they were hiring a window display maker (or something like that). I may or may not have momentarily considered dropping this whole Ed School thing and embracing a future of making this and this and this. Except, you know, I'm already kind of committed. 

But y'all should just know that when I am a teacher, I am probably going to have the best bulletin boards in the entire building.

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