April 22, 2011


Schuyler Fisk is one of my favorite artists. I fell in love with her around this time last year, and brought my housemate Margaret down with me. And then I found out that she went to UVA, graduating in '06 (I missed her by two years...) which is just extra-wonderful. And makes certain things, like her Blue Ridge Parkway reference, make more sense. (One of my fave lines from The Good Stuff, because it makes me think of Virginia in the spring, aka right now: I swear I saw some flowers by the freeway / Reminded me of spring on Blue Ridge Parkway / Things are always better when you’re laughing)

Anyway, I downloaded her new album, Blue Ribbon Winner, today to listen to as I was finishing up my Shakespeare paper. It is currently on repeat. I'm still getting to know the songs, but here's one that I think is particularly beautiful:

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