April 7, 2011


Sometimes I forget that I used to live this.

These pictures from a trip I went on to Harar and Jigjiga, in way eastern Ethiopia, in the fall of '07 (another trip in which I tagged along with the Lunsford family, just like London!). It was a 2 day drive, and I remember we spent a significant amount of time in the car learning lines from The Importance of Being Earnest for school. Probably not the backdrop Oscar Wilde intended...


  1. This just completely warmed my heart! (this one and your other one about london)...that living with camels and trips to feed hyenas was all in a day's adventure. gosh dangit...can we puhhhlease go back to Africa????

    i miss it.
    i miss you.

  2. YES let's go back. miss it/you too! don't you love how your fam always ends up in here? it just tends to happen... :]

    p.s. we are now in africa? ;]

  3. yes i do! and every time i wanna be like "heyyyy that was with meeee!" hahaha...such good memories. delightful actually.

    and guess what...this week i had so much to do it WAS daunting ;]


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