April 15, 2011

Porch Therapy

House Quote of the Day: (yelled from her bedroom) "Guys, guess what! Some dinosaurs were nocturnal!"

Can I just say that there is probably nothing -- no amount of being overwhelmed by having to be a my new job a bajillion hours a week, all my culminating and daunting papers and projects and paper prospectuses, bridal shower invitations to get out, plus the usual weekly obligations -- that can't be fixed by sitting on a porch* at night for a few hours with some friends, drawing/making cootie catchers, and singing Taylor Swift or Wagon Wheel or Disney songs along with the guitar, with the smell of strawberry hookah floating in the air around you? (Um, wow, that was technically all one sentence. This does not bode well for all these papers I'm about to be writing.)

In other words, I'm sorry for neglecting y'all. (Especially you, Alessia Santilli.)

*Unfortunately, not the porch pictured. That's just a pretty one I could probably be perfectly happy living on for the rest of my life. Tonight's porch belongs to a college guys' house...sooo, nope, it doesn't look like that.

[image via We Heart It.]


  1. you made me choke on my cereal! haha let me explain: this morning,i woke up, did my bed, opened the window, quickly closed the window cuz it was cold etc usual routine. i open you blog page, smile because you have a new entry, start reading your blog and then when i come upon the whole "esp. you alessia santilli" part. i laughed and snorted milk (???)and almost choked on my cereal. :) so now, i'm officially awake.
    anyways! thank you for writing a new entry :) but i'm sorry i "forced" you into writing one, when you're so busy! i'll be praying for you coony :)
    love you
    p.s. do i sign my name off like that?... hmm
    p.p.s. i commented!!!!

  2. this is hilarious. and i'm soo glad that i know exactly what you're talking about here=]

  3. maybe we could ask them to get curtains instead of vines. that would be closer to the picture.


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