April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Slumber Party Extravaganza!

Are any of you watching the royal wedding?

I am, and we are having a slumber party at the Shamba and pulling out the two couch beds in the living room so that when the coverage begins at 4am (or, let's be real, at 6, when the actual ceremony begins) we can just open our eyes and watch it without having to get up or anything! ...and then probably fall back asleep.

(This might be the worst decision I've made this entire month, seeing as I have to be at work at 10. But really, how often does a Royal Wedding occur? ...not often. Also, I feel like I need to live up to my self-professed love of England.)

P.S. Wedding blogger Kathryn of Snippet & Ink has been posting some wonderful Royal Wedding posts in preparation (hats, wedding gown predictions -- it will probably have sleeves -- tiaras...) One of my faves was this collection of photos of Royal weddings past:

Prince Rainier III of Monaco to American actress Grace Kelly, April 1956.

Prince Edward, Duke of Kent to Katharine Worsley, June 1961.

Charles, Prince of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer, July 1981.

[images via Snippet & Ink]

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