April 9, 2011


T-Streez (aka Taylor) just informed me that "nom nom" has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Sure enough, it's true:

Informal, chiefly North American

exclamation an expression of delight when eating.
plural noun (nom noms) delicious food.
verb (nom-nom) eat delicious food with obvious enjoyment.
adjective (nom-nommy) descriptive of delicious food.

[origin — imitative; popularized by the noises made by the character 
Cookie Monster on Sesame Street (usually as “Om nom nom nom”)]

Truth: this. is. frightening.
But let's be real, I'm glad that I now have an Oxford English Dictionary-approved way to describe what is happening in our kitchen right now, thanks to Streez and Monique's celebration of sponteneity: there are currently some nom-nommy nom noms* that I am about to nom-nom. Om nom nom.

*chocolate chip cookies

p.s. Speaking of noms, we definitely had these last week at small group:

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