April 19, 2011

Taylor Swift Was My BFF

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So my mom has always told me that Taylor Swift went to our church's Vacation Bible School back when we lived in Reading, PA. And yes, Taylor is from Wyomissing, PA, so this is plausible, but I was always like, sure, Mom. Right. 

In 2008, I won tickets to a Taylor Swift concert on the radio (true story), and my mom and I went. Taylor started out the concert with all these home videos from when she was a kid through now, and my mom makes this comment like "Wow, Taylor's mom looks a lot older now!" and I'm like, alright Mom. Sure.

But my mom knew. And, in the past week or two that she's been moving all our earthly possessions that have been in storage in Virginia Beach for eleven years to the new house my family just bought in Crozet, Virginia, she has come across a myriad of forgotten things. 

One such thing being a photo album of said Vacation Bible School that holds the photographic evidence: I. Knew. Taylor. Swift.  (Alright, Mom, I believe you now...)

So, without further ado, Little Taylor:

See the blond sitting in the back left? (click on it to see it bigger!)

Here's a close up of Tay and (the 1996 version of) ME:

This is my dad (my dad!) playing the guitar to Little Taylor 
(the blonde in the middle with the yellow shirt.)

Bonus points if you can find Taylor on your own...

Here's the close-up...and yes, I am the one posing hand-in-chin (really, Caroline?) 
right in front of her. I guess we were BFFs or something? ;]

Also, the sitting in the front middle is Taylor's mom, Andrea.  
Here's the proof written on the back of the picture:

I know. I probably just got about 57382849 times cooler. And I'm sure Taylor will be writing a song about me any day now...

Edit from the madre: They didn't just come to bible school that one time, their whole family were members of our church. Her grandma even sang in the choir. So you two were in the same Sunday School class for a couple of years. But you didn't go to school together because I think they lived in Governor Mifflin school district (like the Haskers) and we were in Wyomissing. Anyway, maybe we'll find sunday school pictures... :)


  1. This makes me happy, not simply because it means I am one person removed from T Swift, but because it means that I'm not the only one who is randomly connected to random people :)

    PS - Love your blog!

  2. cool, what church did you go to? It'd be interesting to see...maybe they'd have a plauqe or something comemorating her. Sara


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